Cybersecurity Management:

Navigating an Evolving Threat Landscape with Managed Security Services

ArmorPoint makes security simple.

View all of your data through a single pane of glass
Monitor successfully blocked attacks
Prioritize incidents by severity
Rapid triaging with application performance analytics

Why Choose ArmorPoint?

When compared to other cybersecurity companies, it’s easy to see why ArmorPoint comes out on top.

Pound for pound, we simply offer more value at a fraction of the cost.

FeaturesArmorPointPalo AltoCheck PointCiscosplunkLog RhythmIBM
SIEM Solution
Enterprise FirewallPartial
Cross-Platform Security
Real-time Correlation of NOC/SOC Analytics
Device and Configuration Self-Discovery
Dynamic Watch Lists & Threat Intelligence
Audit Trail of User Activity
Fully Managed SIEM Available

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Protect Your Entire Attack Surface

Synchronize and orchestrate 100% of your organization’s security and network management efforts in one single SIEM platform.

From network monitoring to complete threat response, ArmorPoint SIEM gives your staff virtually every tool and capability they need to keep the company protected from tomorrow’s cyber threats – today.

Threat Detection
and Response

Quickly identify and mitigate network threats as they happen in real time

System Performance

Monitor IT performances of the entire network stack right down to the endpoint

Real-time Event

Immediately catch and isolate events that could pose a serious threat to the business

IT Incident

Ensure the network is secure and at safe operating levels after any setback

Event Log

Record, store, and organize event logs and usage data for any network component

User & Entity
Behavioral Analysis

Detect anomalous user behavior to stop malicious acts before they even start

Asset Discovery

Automatically detect and monitor new endpoints that connect to the network

Security Automation
and Orchestration

Adjust and control every facet of your overall security efforts through a single pane of glass

Compliance Reporting
and Management

Easily pull reports and other essential data to display compliance at a moment’s notice

Platform-as-a-Service to Fully Managed SIEM

Fill the gaps in your organization’s available time, budget, and in-house talent.

ArmorPoint’s cloud-hosted platform enables IT departments to deploy SIEM technology faster and start detecting and analyzing threats on day one.


Or, leave the incident monitoring, reporting, and remediation to ArmorPoint’s 24/7 team of security analysts.

Hosted ArmorPoint SIEM Technology
24/7 Support
Managed Monitoring and Reporting
Active Threat Containment
Active Threat Mitigation and Remediation










No contracts. Monthly pricing.

Building enterprise-level security solutions for businesses of all sizes is important to us because we believe every organization deserves access to the highest levels of protection available, regardless of your IT department’s resources.

What Others are Saying

“ArmorPoint has made it so I can sleep in on
the weekends.”

– Carl Lawrence, Partner/Executive Vice President, Management Resource Group