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Why is cybersecurity so difficult?

Here are just some of the challenges companies face when managing their security program.

Have no idea how to prevent cyber attacks
Lack of sufficient IT personnel
Have insufficient integration into business functions
Have never had a vulnerability assessment

Self-Managed SIEM Cost

Maintaining a strong security posture is hard.
(And expensive.)

SIEM Investment

ArmorPoint Monthly Cost

Estimated One Year Savings

*This is a real-world estimate based on a company size of 20 employees, 1 IT staff and 2 servers.

Bring NOC and SOC Together

ArmorPoint takes the analytics traditionally monitored in separate silos — NOC and SOC — and brings that data together for a more holistic view of the security and availability of the business.

  • Rapid detection and remediation of security events
  • Security, performance, and compliance management
  • Event correlation spanning your entire attack surface

What Others are Saying

“ArmorPoint has made it so I can sleep in on the weekends.”

– Carl Lawrence, Partner/Executive Vice President, Management Resource Group



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