ArmorPoint Media and Branding Kit.

Essential facts and figures to craft a detailed account of our company.

Fact Sheet.

Quick facts about us.

Company Name: ArmorPoint

Founded: 2018

Founder & CEO: David Trapp

Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ

Employees: 100+

Status: Privately held


Here are some of our team photos that you can use when featuring us.

Team Photos.

ArmorPoint team

Logos and Visual Guidelines.

Make use of these logos for any media or articles featuring our company.

ArmorPoint Logo Pack.

ArmorPoint logo package to use on both light and dark background.

Logo Guidelines.

ArmorPoint logo guidelines.

Visual Identity Guidelines.

ArmorPoint visual guidelines.


To ensure brand consistency, make sure to pair our logo with one of our designated brand colors.


CMYK: 100  30  0  14

RGB: 0  152  220

HEX: #0099DC

PMS: 2925 C

Quantum Blue

CMYK: 84  70  54  59

RGB: 31  43  54

HEX: #1F2B36

PMS: 539 C

Dark Web Blue

CMYK: 6  2  0  0

RGB: 235  242  250


PMS: 656 C

Stratus Blue


CMYK: 5 43  0  35

RGB: 158  95  166

HEX: #9E5FA6

PMS: 7440 C

Violet Palisade

CMYK: 0 72  72  9

RGB: 233  65  66

HEX: #E94142

PMS: 032 C

Alert Red

Logos Guidelines.

The dos and don’ts of using our logos.


  • Do make sure to provide sufficient space around our logos to prevent clutter or confusion with another product/brand.
  • Do make sure that proportions/ratio remain equal.
  • Do make sure to keep our logos big enough to be legible.
  • Do include our logo when linking to our websites/products.
  • Do use the “Shield” Brandmark when there is limited space available.
  • Do feel free to contact us if you’d like us to review your article, video, or other media content featuring ArmorPoint, or our products in order to make sure you’re complying with our guidelines.


  • Don’t modify our colors/shapes, or pair it with anything else.
  • Don’t feature us, or our logos on any materials which are sexual, drug related, or illegal.
  • Don’t imply partnership, endorsement, or association, unless approved directly by ArmorPoint Leadership.

Writing Guidelines.

The Dos and Don’ts of talking about us.


  • Do display the name “ArmorPoint” with capitalization, except when used as a web address.
  • Do display the name “ArmorPoint” with the same font and size as content surrounding it.


  • Don’t display the name “ArmorPoint” as “armorpoint” or “Armorpoint”.
  • Don’t use the ArmorPoint logo in placement of the name “ArmorPoint”.
  • Don’t attempt to style the name “ArmorPoint” in text using our fonts, or similar fonts.

For media inquiries or specific questions about our brands, please email our PR team at



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