We’re on a mission to make security management simple.

We are honest.

In an industry where consumers live in a continuous state of potential compromise at the hands of malicious actors, we value integrity and trustworthiness
above all.

Building enterprise-level security solutions for businesses of all sizes is important to us because we believe every organization deserves access to the highest levels of protection available, regardless of the size of your IT department or your security budget.

We are advocates.

We are proactive.

When it comes to keeping increasingly evasive and constantly evolving security threats at bay, there's no room for a moment of apathy. We protect your network and security infrastructure as if it were our own, diligently keeping watch and leaving no stone unturned.

Built by Experts

ArmorPoint is one of the many services built, delivered, and supported by Trapp Technology.

About Trapp Technology

Trapp Technology provides innovative solutions to your most complex cloud, voice, security, and IT challenges.

Trapp Technology’s services are designed to appeal to the growing number of small- to medium-sized businesses looking to implement solutions that reduce the total cost of ownership, align with internal resources, and leverage the skills and support necessary to achieve business goals.



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