Overview of Black Friday 2021

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approaching this holiday season, now is a good time to practice online shopping safety practices and habits. The COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed the traditional way of Black Friday shopping and led many to score these deals online, making it all the easier for these cyber thieves to steal and hack. With this challenge ahead of us, it is our job to get ahead and take our cyber hygiene seriously during the holidays.

Consider these 4 guidelines this holiday season while you scour for deals:

Holiday Deals Phishing Scams

During the holidays, our inboxes get bombarded with businesses advertising their holiday specials. They arrive earlier and earlier each year. Be wary of those fabricated ads that bring you to websites that mirror the real deal. Big brands are often the ones who get hit the hardest because they are easily recognizable and a trustworthy brand. Once you check out and enter your email and credit card information, it is game over. Identity fraud has now begun.

We encourage you to watch out for those too good to be true deals. Most of the time they are.

Keep Credit Card Information Hidden

Phishing scams aren’t the only way these digital thieves access credit card information. With the holiday season, shoppers are increasing their digital footprint each time they shop online. This allows for compromised credit cards and financial information. Try developing a habit and use protected payment systems like PayPal. Websites like PayPal keep your direct banking information clear from those bad actors. You can avoid using your credit card online this season by joining in on the #ShopSmall movement and supporting your local businesses.

Use a Secure Network

If shopping online is unavoidable, we encourage you make these transactions as safe as possible. Public WiFi connections are a breeding ground for hackers. You never know who can and is accessing the same connection as you. If you choose to make large purchases online, it is recommended to do it on a network that you are certain is safe and trustworthy.

Browser Security

The browser of your choice can make or break your holiday internet security. Popular browser applications such as Google Chrome or Safari is your safest bet. URL’s and HTTPS secure connections are easier to identify and you can verify the entire URL that way. If your retailer does not have this extra layer of protection, go with your gut when making those purchases.

In order to have a holly jolly holiday, we want to avoid anything that could cause a set back and ruin the holiday spirit. Stay safe this holiday shopping season and be sure to connect with us at ArmorPoint if you or your business is needing some extra security and peace of mind.

About ArmorPoint

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