Control What You Can

We’re all well aware of the impact COVID-19 has had on our businesses, the state of the economy, and the overall outlook for our future. However, despite the many uncertainties that lie ahead, at Trapp Technology, we know businesses are resilient and will find ways to adapt to the challenges they face.

Along the same lines, we’re choosing to say focused on helping our customers and partners stay secure, encouraging them to control what they can, and empowering them to keep moving forward. For our customers, this looks like assisting with the implementation of robust information security protocols. For our partners, this looks like expanding their security service offerings to include a top-notch cybersecurity management solution.

Regardless of the relationship type, our customers and partners alike have been able to break into new markets because of their ability to streamline cybersecurity management processes, both for themselves and their customers. And while we discussed how our customers can determine if partnering with an MSSP during COVID-19 is the right choice for them here, let’s focus on how our partners can break into new markets during economic uncertainty with MSSPs.

Benefits of a Channel Partnership

While there are a variety of benefits of a channel partnership, the ability to help companies quickly expand their business into new markets that have traditionally been difficult, or even impossible, to reach before makes this business model all the more enticing. And because the information security and technology industries continue to rapidly expand, the need to modernize technology and “keep up” with competition expands and the available white space in the market decreases, thus paving the way for the rise of channel partnerships. After all, with a channel partnership, the probability of your organization breaking into a new market increases.

But, of course, you must be aware of who you are partnering with in order to break into a new market during economic uncertainty. Here’s why.

Partnering with ArmorPoint

Although many channel programs are similar in design, they’re not all similar in quality. That’s why we recommend doing your due diligence when it comes to vetting a new MSSP partner and their partner program.

When it comes to ArmorPoint’s partner program, the program offers you benefits like…

  • 20% Margins
  • Exclusive Partner Resources
  • Access to a New Stream of Revenue

The ArmorPoint partner program, more importantly, also gives you with the ability to provide your customers the solution they need to overcome their IT and compliance challenges, like…

  • Budget constraints
  • Lack of IT personnel
  • Inability to get C-Suite buy-in
  • Growing data privacy regulations
  • Increasing cyber-attacks
  • Remote IT Management

In the end, the business landscape will only grow to be more competitive and the truth is, companies shouldn’t be going at it alone—and that includes your company. If you’ve considered partnering with an MSSP to break into new markets, download the ArmorPoint Partner Program Guide or contact us to learn more about how you can be selling your customers the cybersecurity services they’re looking for.

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