Let’s Set the Scene

Does this sound like your organization? Your marketing team offers a free newsletter, runs numerous campaigns, keeps website content fresh, promotes your business all over social media networks, and generates quality leads on a regular basis. Your customer service and support team exceed expectations consistently and are always looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction scores. Your sales team creates quality opportunities, closes high-value sales, and meets quotas. And yet…you still have leadership asking why you’re unable to sell deeper into your customer base.

Or, on the other hand, maybe your organization hasn’t updated your offerings in a decade, or you haven’t stopped to review customer satisfaction surveys in months, or you’re starting to see loyalty program memberships decline. You’re likely not doing enough to fully address customer needs.

Many companies usually find themselves in either of these categories, but especially companies in the IT Services industry. After all, the information security and technology industries are expanding at a rapid pace and the market has never been so competitive. So, how can IT Service companies sell deeper into their customer base?

3 Ways to Sell Deeper into Your Customer Base

IT Services is an umbrella term, no doubt, and many organizations fall under it. This means that  organizations specializing in cloud computing, cybersecurity, mobile device management, network infrastructure, database management, software support, data storage, VoIP service, server maintenance, vendor management, data backups, remediation, or the various other types of IT services, consider following these three steps to sell deeper into your customer base.

Understand your customer fully

  • Do you regularly collect customer feedback?
  • Who is your target customer base?
  • What are your target customer base’s needs?

Consider how you can exceed your customer base’s needs

  • Should you invest in R&D?
  • Do you need to improve offerings?
  • Do larger strategic changes need to be made?

Determine if a partner program is the best solution for your company

  • Do you want to avoid investing in building out a new product or solution?
  • Are you looking to fast-track the process of selling deeper into your customer base?
  • Are you having trouble hiring and retaining top talent?

Leveraging Your Channel Partnership

If you determine that a channel partner program is the best solution for your company, you’ll need to identify the best partner for your company, product line, and overall strategy. Once you’ve found your partner (congrats!), make sure you’re leveraging your partnership as much as possible. This might look like hosting joint webinars, using out-of-the-box marketing campaigns, or partnering with account executives to win deals. Leveraging your channel partnership in these ways will help your company sell deeper into your customer base and improve your customer retention by offering updated, modern solutions that meet your customer’s growing and complex IT needs.

Partnering with ArmorPoint

In today’s threat landscape, companies focused on IT Services must do everything they can to ensure that they are continuously meeting customer needs. And for most companies, this means constantly being under pressure to bring the next-best solution or platform to market – something that isn’t always feasible. So, that’s where ArmorPoint’s Channel Partner Program can help.

Think that a channel partnership with ArmorPoint would be a great way to sell deeper into your customer base? Download the Partner Program Guide, and we’ll be in touch to discuss how ArmorPoint offers companies like yours a unique opportunity to join us on our mission to redefine IT.

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