For decades now, companies have relied on antivirus tools and solutions to help mitigate their cybersecurity risks. And there has been a good reason for this. Over the years, these antivirus programs have helped countless numbers of businesses protect their systems from malicious sources designed to compromise their data security. 

As new technology has developed over the years, so has the next generation of dangerous security threats. This has forced companies into looking at more advanced forms of cybersecurity protection, including Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV).

But what exactly is next-gen antivirus, and how does it differ from traditional forms of cybersecurity? Below we'll identify how antivirus solutions have developed over the years and why it's essential for your business to consider the next generation of antivirus protection.

The Difference Between Traditional and Next-Gen Antivirus?

While the concept of antivirus protection isn't new, how it's being developed and its overall effectiveness is. Today’s modern security threats are much more frequent and more severe than they were several years ago. It's because of this fact that companies have developed the next generation of cybersecurity. However, to understand why and how this new generation of security is effective, it's important to know the key differences between traditional and next-gen antivirus software.

Traditional Antivirus

Traditional antivirus software, or “endpoint security,” recognizes specific signatures of known viruses and malware programs while taking steps to remove them before they infect a system. When antivirus programs identify these signatures, they compare them against a database of malicious scripts, files, and macros, while deploying countermeasures to address them. However, for traditional endpoint security to stay accurate and effective over time, they are reliant on the ability to receive regular updates from signature databases as newer threats surface.

The problem with this approach is that the overall effectiveness of your antivirus solution is solely dependent on your ability to keep it regularly updated and patched. Considering the dynamic nature of today's technology, this means it's almost impossible that traditional antivirus systems can operate a maximum efficiency. 

Next-Gen Antivirus (NGAV)

Unlike traditional antivirus programs, NGAV is designed to be much more self-reliant. NGAVs are adept at recognizing and addressing security threats on their own, rather than relying on a signature database. NGAVs use advanced data science and behavioral analysis to uncover patterns used by hackers trying to exploit system vulnerabilities. When these patterns are discovered, they actively remediate any attacks by using a series of intelligent processes designed to combat today’s most dangerous security threats. 

Why Your Business Needs Next-Gen Antivirus

The fact is, traditional antivirus solutions are becoming less effective every day, and businesses need to take more active measures when combating new threats. Over the years, hackers have studied the inefficiencies of traditional security systems and use a suite of malicious techniques to exploit their weaknesses. Now, 58 percent of all malware attacks are targeted at small businesses, so investing in better business security solutions is no longer an option, it's a necessity.

Today’s digital landscape is riddled with phishing schemes, ransomware attacks, and zero-day malware programs that wreak havoc on businesses of all sizes. Next-gen antivirus solutions give businesses the tools they need to detect and prevent these malicious attacks before they even have a chance to materialize. Through deep learning technology, AI-driven behavioral analysis, and advanced threat detection and mitigation, next-gen antivirus has become the new gold standard in endpoint security.

Antivirus protection is still an invaluable aspect of business security, but modern-day threats are demanding a much higher level of efficiency. By investing in NGAV,  businesses can create a much more sustainable infrastructure by utilizing deeper levels of protection while maintaining a more proactive approach to their threat monitoring and response processes.

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